quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010

Thinks I`m happy about February/March

Initially I was suppose to post the things I`m happy abt each month of the year in the respective month but of course I forgot, so here we go:

I`ve spend the last 2 months in the exactly opposite way I wanted to. No god.
In case no one had ever notice I`m a melodramatic person and I tend to see the not so bright side of things first. This is something I`ve been working on to change since forever but I find out to change perspectives in life is hard work and requires effort.

And, I can hardly think of one thing I`ve really putted some effort on lately.

No God.

I guess what I`m really glad for in this last night of march 2010 is that I seem finally able to admit that I`m the only one to blame for the things I haven`t got yet. It`s true that some things are harder to achieve than others but without the first step the journey just can`t be completed.

Another wake up call, just in time!